What is A-Levels program?

A Levels is a pre-university program and awarded by University of Cambridge International Examinations. It is equivalent to other pre-university program such as Australian Matriculation, STPM, Foundation, International Baccalaureate (IB), and Matriculation Malaysia.


The minimum subjects taken for A-levels is 3 or 4 A-levels subjects to enter into competitive courses. A-levels requires a minimum of 5 Credits in SPM, O-Level or equivalent. Certain A Levels subjects e.g. Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Further Mathematics have requirements to fulfill, such as a Credit or a B in the relevant subjects.


The A-levels duration is 15 – 24 months and it depends on the intake that student applied.
January intake: 18-month program
July intake: 18-month and 24-month program
March intake: 15 months program


A-levels is 100% exam-based studies and the results will be a grade from A* to E. A-levels Examination has Two phases which are Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced Two (A2). A2 levels is generally harder than AS Levels and build on the knowledge that learnt during AS papers. They both count for 50% of final A Level grade.

Why choose A-Levels program? 

A Levels is widely recognized by many worldwide universities especially in the UK and suitable for student who prefer to study oversea. The teaching method of A-levels is 100% exam-based and suitable for students who prefer 100% exam-based assessment. A Levels learn in-depth knowledge in few subjects and suitable for student who are interested to pursue a degree in Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry.

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