Overview of what they do

Actuarists working for insurance companies are responsible for developing new insurance plans. They gather huge chunk of data from government bodies such as: National Registration Department (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara), Ministry of Health (Kementerian Kesihatan), etc.. They would study the data to find out the numbers behind these questions e.g. How is Malaysia’s population over the past 10 years? How many people died from a heart attack? Of those deceased, how old were they? What was their occupation? They will then use high level mathematics to evaluate the risks of an individual according to their age, occupation, living habits, etc. 

Full discovery of Actuary course

In order to choose the right course, you have to fully understand what you’ll learn and what are the career options. To help you understand what you’ll learn throughout this course, we have…
– Course videos
– Course exercises
– Course-modules explanation

…and to help you understand the career options available for you after completing this course, we have:
– Career videos
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– Career insights (salary, opportunities, industrial news)
– Routes to a recognized professional

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Qualities you need

You should enjoy going through stacks of figures, spend hours to understand the meaning behind those numbers, and handling complicated mathematical formulas to put a value on events in life. Click here to go to our Interest Test!


It is a 3 years degree program. Total duration of different pathways as below.

  • STPM + Degree (Public University) = 5 years
  • Foundation + Degree = 4 years
  • A-Levels + Degree = 4.5 years