What is Diploma program?

Diploma is different from Foundation and it can be considered equivalent to first year of Degree. Diploma focuses on practical and industry-specific skills and knowledge. After completing a Diploma student can start working or pursue a related Degree with exemptions.


Diploma requires a minimum of 3 Credits in SPM, O-Level or equivalent. Certain Diploma course requires a credit in certain subjects. Eg: diploma in IT requires a credit in mathematics; diploma in mass com requires a credit in English etc.


Diploma is usually 24 – 36 months (2year -2 1/2year), and student can enter this programme directly after SPM without any pre-university background. In general, student can enter degree year 2 after completing diploma.


Diploma is divided into 5 semesters and each semester has 3-5 subjects relevant to the course. The assessment structure will vary depending on the programme and university. Most of the diploma courses are a combination of coursework and final exams.

Why choose Diploma program? 

Diploma teaches you more practical skills over academic knowledge. The subjects in diploma are all relevant to the area of your interest, giving you a solid preparation when progress to degree studies, in most cases, you will be able to gain direct entry to Degree year 2. Diploma students are eligible for PTPTN loan and it is good for students who have financial constraints. Besides that, students with diploma cert are able to get relevant jobs and gain some work experience or save up some money before pursuing to relevant Degree.

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