Overview of what they do

An industrial designer designs tangible products like the shape and colour of chairs, cars, toys and etc. The job usually involves hand drawing, computer software modelling, and surveys on suitable materials. Designers will have to work closely with engineers to produce a practical yet artistic product. They will also have to make available a test model to determine if the product has real market potential. 

Full discovery of Industrial Design course

In order to choose the right course, you have to fully understand what you’ll learn and what are the career options. To help you understand what you’ll learn throughout this course, we have…
– Course videos
– Course exercises
– Course-modules explanation

…and to help you understand the career options available to you after completing this course, we have:
– Career videos
– Career-explanation slides with info-graphics
– Career insights (salary, opportunities, industry-news)
– Routes to a recognized professional

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Qualities you need

You should be creative and practical. Being able to read market trends and having an eye for a bargain is an added advantage. Would like to know if you are right for this course? Click here to go to our Interest Test!


It is a 3 years degree program. Total duration of different pathways as below.

  • STPM + Degree (Public University) = 5 years
  • Foundation + Degree = 4 years
  • Diploma + Degree = 4.5 years
  • A-Levels + Degree = 4.5 years