PTPTN stands for Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi National, it was established to provide education loans to Malaysian students pursuing a course accredited by MQA at local higher education institutions. It’s almost guaranteed to acquire this loan provided that the applicant completes the application without fault and fulfill the eligibility criteria; the only variable here would be the loan amount as it is offered according to the course taken, duration of the course and applicant’s monthly household income.

Categories Recipient of BSH (Bantuan Sara Hidup) <RM 8,000 monthly household income >RM 8,000 monthly household income
Degree (Science) RM 14,030 loan/year RM 10,520 loan/year RM 7,010 loan/year
Degree (Arts) RM 13,600 loan/year RM 10,200 loan/year RM 6,800 loan/year
Degree (Medicine) RM 50,000 loan/year RM 37,500 loan/year RM 30,000 loan/year
Degree (Pharmacy, Dentistry & Health Sciences) RM 17,000 loan/year RM 12,750 loan/year RM 8,500 loan/year
Diploma RM 6,800 loan/year RM 5,100 loan/year RM 3,400 loan/year
Diploma (Pharmacy, Dentistry & Health  Sciences) RM 12,750 loan/year RM 9,560 loan/year RM 6,380 loan/year
Foundation RM 6,800 loan/year RM 5,100 loan/year RM 3,400 loan/year

Why you should apply?

1. Low interest at 1% per year!
If your total loan amount is RM 150,000 for a 5 years Medicine Degree, the 1% interest would be RM 1,500 per year. If you are able to pay back RM 150,000 to PTPTN in 10 years, the cumulated interest would be RM 150,000  1% 10 years = RM 15,000.
If you are able to pay back RM 150,000 to PTPTN in 20 years, the cumulated interest would be RM 150,000  1%  20 years = RM 30,000.

2. Exempted from paying back your loan to PTPTN
Don’t have to pay back your loan as long as you graduate with a First Class Bachelor’s Degree and your family household income is in the B40 group (<RM 4,360) or M40 group (<RM 9,619).

3. Lenient loan repayment
You ought to return what you’ve borrowed. The good news is, there’s a grace period of 12 months after you complete your studies, so your repayment period only starts after the grace period. If you pay back all your loan within the grace period, there won’t be any interest charged, so you only pay back the amount you have borrowed.
Repayment period for different courses as below:

  • Science degree – 240 months (20 years)
  • Arts degree – 180 months (15 years)
  • Diploma – 120 months (10 years)
  • Foundation – 60 months (5 years)

Refer to samples below to better understand how loan repayment works:

Sample 1
Course: 5 years degree (Medicine)
Category: >RM 8,000 monthly household income
Loan amount: RM 150,000 (RM 30,000/year  5 years)
Loan repayment period: 20 years
Accumulated interest: RM 30,000 (RM 150,000  1% interest  20 years)
Total loan repayment amount: RM 180,000 (RM 150,000 + RM 30,000)
Loan repayment per month: RM 750 (RM 180,000  240 months)

Sample 2
Course: 3 years degree (Arts)
Category: <RM 8,000 monthly household income
Loan amount: RM 30,200 (RM 10,200  3 years)
Loan repayment period: 15 years
Accumulated interest: RM 4,530 (RM 30,200  1% interest  15 years)
Total loan repayment amount: RM 34,730 (RM 30,200 + RM 4,530)
Loan repayment per month: RM 192.95 (RM 34,730  180 months)

4. Easy to apply
There will be briefing and guidance provided by the university/college you enrolled in.

5. Easy to maintain
As the loan is disbursed gradually by semester, you have to maintain a cgpa of 2.0 (cgpa 4.0 being the highest) to be eligible for the next disbursement. Should you failed to acquire cgpa 2.0, the disbursement will stop until you manage to get a cgpa 2.0.

6. Can apply again
You can apply PTPTN loan again when you progress to Degree from Diploma/Foundation; you don’t have to start paying back the loan you’ve acquired during Diploma/Foundation studies simply by requesting PTPTN for a deferment of repayment.


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