Jerusa Teo Kim Ming:

When I just finished my SPM, I was just so excited that I’ve finally finished the toughest paper in my life. But, the toughest question of my life, I haven’t answer that. What should I study? Which college should I study? Does that course suits me? I don’t know… I was so blur, I can’t decide a single thing. Thanks to CourseMap, they helped me to solve these so called ‘problem’. I appreciated them for their time, their effort, their follow up, their everything. All I need to do, is just a quick survey, some questions, tour guide to colleges, experience ‘Try & See’.

‘Try & See’ is something so different, basically you spend your one day, and you almost can decide your study path already, u get the chance to experience the activities and classes held by different college. And you know what? It’s totally free! This is why I love CourseMap so much. For now, I’m currently studying in IACT college and thanks to them, I found the course that suites me, and of course my lifetime friends and partners. Thanks CourseMap!