Some believe that after consulting with their lecturers, their choices for higher education are firm. I say otherwise. Under no circumstances should one ever believe that their choices are absolute until consultations with an educational consultant have been made. I truly appreciate the guidance that Alex, and by extension CourseMap, has given me throughout my higher education considerations. In full honesty, it has practically saved me from a less-preferable choice, as prior to consultations with Alex, I was set on going to another university after consulting with my lecturers. I myself was also initially reluctant to go to CourseMap (as I had already made up my mind). Yet, Alex and CourseMap had provided unquestionably insightful information regarding higher institutions and as a result, I had made the final decisive choice of Taylor’s University for my studies, far more preferable than my initial choice by an overwhelming margin. I can confidently say that it is a decision I will never regret, for things are going extremely well, both academic and extracurricular!

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