First, I am very thankful to Mr. Alex for helping me a lot when I was very confused. When he knew, I was very confused and did not know what course I should take in college. He opened a Zoom meeting and one by one explain to me on the different courses. I asked a lot of questions, and he answered me patiently, one by one find those proof and show me. With that, I can know more clearly on what course I should choose, help me to compare university that I am interested, and what’s their strong point. From the blur blur me until now I know what I should do. Moreover, Mr Alex never rush me to faster apply my course, faster choose a uni to go. He will keep follow up me, ask my opinion, say if I have any question, and he will always answer my question patiently. I felt very comfortable when I’m with him. When I chat with him I won’t feel any stress, it feels like I’m talking with friend.

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